Hypertextual Fiction: An Exploration in a Non-Linear Narrative

Showcased in the online gallery,  Funk’s SoundBox 2012

Title: “Multilinear Lyricism”
CD-ROM project:  with sound, animation, text and images for hypermedia reading of the novel by Djordje Pisarev, “A Plot of Twin Sisters”
MA Project: Screenshots


In the postmodern age, with the tendency towards perpetual change and redefinition of the self , the notions of linearity, order and  determinism, authority of a single voice in literature have become undermined. The constant state of fluidity and fragmentation of this age, with no definite beginning and no clear ending, makes everything a process without a fixed point of departure or end, where there is an increasing distrust in a single authority. Theorists of structuralism and post-structuralism, French deconstructivists and other literary theorists of the twentieth century have become actively involved in search of  new ways to present the infinity of language and the new modes of expressing it .
With the advent of technology a new medium that computers have made available has opened up a multitude of  possibilities for interplay between various modes of representation. A text presented online now offers  a new way of undertaking a reading process, hypertext. This medium breaks down the well established  ways of fixed, coherent, and linear reading  of the presented material. Many modern theorists in search of a perfect medium for presenting a fragmented, fluid and constantly changing postmodern world feel that hypertextual mode of presentation  makes for an ideal textual environment.


“Interrupt 2” Conference: Electronic Literature and Visual Arts, Brown University, USA, February 2012
Cumulus Association International Conference at Aviero, Portugal, May 2014
Tempe Art Center: Tempe, AZ – November 2014




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