I have been extensively involved in collaborating with Phoenix communities and internationally by involving my students in collaborative projects and student showcases.

1. Paradise Valley Community College Art Show (XFEST) – Phoenix, AZ

Students participating at the XFEST Art Show with their projects:













2. Mesa Arts Center – Mesa, AZ
Students projecting their animated artwork on the walls of the Performing Arts Center in Mesa, first Friday of the month

3. All Greater Good Foundation – San Diego, CA

My Music Mosaic is an open-source project that was created for the All Greater Good Foundation and the San Diego Center for Children. A team of four undergraduate students from the University of Advancing Technology designed and programmed the project. The goal of My Music Mosaic was to create an experience that would assist abused children in expressing their emotions and feelings. The project does this by combining art and music. The kids play music on a keyboard and the program outputs an abstract piece of artwork representing the music played, which can then be saved and printed.
Click on the image to see the website:












4. Musical Instruments Museum – Phoenix, AZ
ongoing: so far, two projects have been completed:
1. The Country of the Month web add-on (Rixy Perez and Manuela Bourboulon)
2. Interactive musical instruments tutorial for Experience Gallery (Jamie Smith et al)



INFANT – International Festival of New and Alternative Theatres
Kyle Jenkins: workshop, “Vibes from The Desert: Processing”  for the graduate students at the Department of Architecture, Technical University, Novi Sad, Serbia

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