In my research work I strive to integrate various fields of study that I have been involved in through my education such as linguistics theories, history of art with the focus on contemporary art, new media technologies, among others, and how they all play together on an interdisciplinary level to create a new product.

Some of the topics I have developed over the years, either through developing new classes, or based on my own interests are as follows:

  • interdisciplinary approach to the study of arts, design, sciences and technologies, and the new forms of art (such as genetic art, software art, interactive art, among others) as a result of the convergence;
  • software art as a new form of art, code as art, relationship between linguistics theories and code as art, its potential for the future developments of art forms;
  • hypertextual fiction as a new model of reading in an interactive, online environment, which integrates new media elements such as image, sound, text and animation and calls for shared authorship, nonlinear and open-ended reading/writing;
  • cyberfeminism, its origins, current issues, body and identity, roles of women in new technologies, specifically, perceptions of women on internet and in the role playing online games, and women and new media arts and design.
  • Interaction Design in combination with Design Thinking model are viewed as an emergent discipline within the framework of other related disciplines such as cognitive science, psychology, computer science, graphic design; focus is on the user-centered design, usability issues, its processes and products.

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