Hypertext and Hypermedia Reading

I have explored the topic of hypertextual fiction in a multimedia environment as part of my Master’s thesis project. The research is based on a postmodern piece of fiction by Dj. Pisarev, a Serbian fiction writer.
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The uniformity of the reading experience in a multimedia format, one with a single meaning or a single message, does not exist in the worlds of the author, Pisarev. A fragment, a fraction, a snapshot is the largest unit of his literary labyrinths. The way different parts are going to fit and how they are going to function together is a matter of randomness, of mysterious forces and the acrobatic textual imagery of the author. All of this creates a base for building a castle with many rooms, gardens, labyrinths, mirrors with and without reflections, libraries, obsessions, tortures…In a jungle of multiplicitous meanings and values dissolved into infinity there are no final solutions. When these textual fragments and images are combined into one seemingly unified story they do not overlap along a single outline. The lines are multiplied. They cross and intertwine.

Hypertext Project:


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